Fareast Boats

Keel Boat Commissioning

$122.58 CAD

Pricing per foot

  • Includes storage, movement and initial launching fees
  • Delivery inspection and inventory of all equipment shipped by builder
  • Off-loading boat from container truck onto custom cradle for preparation
  • Off-loading and storage of mast, boom and other loose-shipped items
  • Locate and procure all short-shipped items and components
  • Installation of deck hardware, lifelines, stern rail (as required)
  • Perform stove test (where necessary)
  • Installation of keel
  • Preparation and building of the mast including: running rigging, wiring and cable installation and assembly of spreader, stays, shrouds, and furling system (where applicable)
  • Stepping and standard tune of the mast and rig
  • Installation and testing of the furling sails (where applicable)
  • Cleaning and waxing of the hull and topsides
  • Sea trial and operations overview with new owner