Fareast Boats
Oriental 2

Oriental 2

Holds two young sailors!  Perfect for Summer Sailing School.

$2,343.00 CAD

The Ready to Sail Oriental 2 is complete with:

    Oriental 2 hull
    FRP School foils
    School sail
    School spar set
    School mainsheet system

This dinghy has no mid ship inside. There is one additional layer of foam to strengthen the buoyancy. The cockpit has more space making it suitable for two sailors, or one sailor and coach.  Bow and boom bumpers are a great additional option.


Oriental 2-1061_School_FRP_Foil_Set_2.jpg Oriental 2-1061_School_Sails_2.jpg Oriental 2-1061_oriental2_feature.jpg Oriental 2-1061_School_Spar_Sets_2_2_2.jpg Oriental 2-1061_School_Mainsheet_System.jpg