Fareast Boats

Shanghai Fareast Boats Co. Ltd was founded in 2002. The first success followed soon as Fareast was licensed by the International Sailing Federation (ISAF) to build the Optimist. Quickly Fareast became the biggest Optimist builder in the world.

Based on their strong cultural values, Fareast was able to deliver a large scale building capacity in just a few years time, and still keep high standards in quality by using innovative techniques by their skilled employees.

In 2008 Fareast also became licensed for the 420 they produce. All with great success, being a main worldwide supplier for Olympic – & World Championship sailing teams and markets around the world. Again, not only due to the high quality they deliver, but also due to their high valued service oriented attitude. This all led to the ambition to diversify the product range with ribs and yachts, all built with the same high quality standards.

FarEast 28R

FarEast and Simonis-Voogd are on top of their game with the FarEast 28R. On December 21st, 2015, the FarEast 28R was announced as Sailing World's Boat of the Year for 2016. The FarEast 28R "stood out for its value, easy single-point launching, all-around performance and construction quality." This news comes not long after the FarEast 28R was selected as the race boat for the Monsoon Cup, the last event of the World Match Racing Tour, held in Malaysia at the end of January.

Aurora Bateaux/Boats

Aurora Bateaux/Boats Inc. is a Canadian company incorporated in 2010. Our mandate is to supply quality products that give more Canadians access to waterways. To offer the best pricing available for the products we sell, we maintain a made to order policy for all our equipment. Given the demand for our products, it is important that orders be confirmed 2 to 3 months in advance (depending the equipment), ensuring adequate build and delivery time. Aurora Bateaux/Boats Inc. requires payment in advance to confirm an order. Before confirmation, orders are double checked for accuracy by our administration team. It’s our pleasure to deliver great equipment to our customers and it’s incredibly satifying to know each piece will provide years of learning and experience.

FarEast 23R

The FarEast 23R has been designed to meet the need for an attractive and fast club racing boat. With the pedigree and the lines of her “bigger sister” the FarEast 28R, the 23R is just a bit smaller and therefore easier to tow around and launch from a ramp.

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FarEast 26

The FarEast 26 brings a breath of fresh air into yachting. This new entry level yacht set the bar high for those who want to compete with it on price, performance and quality. It is the ultimate sporty and easy to sail keel yacht, with beautiful lines so characteristic of the world renowned designs of Simonis-Voogd.